About Charlie Channel – Bedtime Buddy

Charlie Channel – Bedtime Buddy was produced to assist parents or caregivers. It provides entertaining audio-only content (with sound effects) to smoothly transition a child into sleep.  Each short story or poem is a positive statement about benefits of sleeping and dreaming.  The narrated audio content is structured, sequenced and presented based on a medical research finding that explains how, when and why guided fantasy* thwarts childhood insomnia.

The narrated audio content is an aid helping a child to relax into sleep at bed or nap time by:

(1) giving a child comfort and a feeling of security and encouraging relaxation
(2) using some object that the child can focus on that provides comfort and companionship
(3) presenting entertainment with positive imagery about sleeping and dreaming and
(4) suggesting that the child may relax and sleep if they want to.

 Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry (1975) Volume 9: 169.

Does it really work?  A satisfied father told me:

“My wife and I hadn’t slept alone-together in bed without my kid since he was born.  So, I played the CD once for him while he was in the bedroom with us.  The next night at bedtime I told him, ‘Charlie will be with you and you’ll sleep in your own room, tonight OK?'”  The young mechanic paused.

“Thanks, man,” he said looking dead in my eyes with gratitude.  “The kid went to his room, without a problem … slept all night.  I hadn’t been alone with my wife in bed for four years. Can I get a couple more of those CD’s for some family friends for Christmas.”

Another purchaser regarding a child with ADHD wrote :

Reviewer: Wynn, mom of Colby, 7
Once my son dozed off, he would sleep through the night. Getting him there without lying down with him, though, was nearly impossible. Charlie Channel has a deep, soothing voice, and his stories help kids relax. Colby now falls asleep on his own, thanks to CC.

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I personally recommend:
*  Read to your child at bedtime as often as possible
*  Make bedtime a ritual of relaxation and love talk, especially if it’s been an “upside down day.”
*  After all is said and done (including prayers or positive affirmations of life), use the Bedtime buddy! Play it from beginning to the end, it’s designed to progressively lead the child into a peaceful and restful sleep.

Tip.  Make sure you let the child know that it’s the “mind’s eye” that gives us the ability to see with our ears.  The sound of a kitten does not mean an actual kitten is running loose in the bedroom — at least if you don’t have a kitten around!  It’s simply the mind’s eye that makes us feel as if there’s one on the loose!  🙂


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