The State of Sleep

The State of Sleep

Time marks every thing and every body
Bringing sleep as a marvelous fling
Time for a marvelous party
You’re invited, so let’s get started
Dreamland is a peaceful nation
The state of Restoration
Time’s preoccupation
Citizenship by participation

Essential Research on the Subject of Guided Fantasy


After a few hours of hacking around, I’ve got the site up and running with all the essential content.   In this post, I’m attaching the complete article on using guided fantasy. You may find it useful in addressing your need for assistance getting a child to sleep, and discover a suggestion or concept that will enable you to solve the sleep issue you face.  Read … GuidedFantasyResearch




My Site Got Hacked

My bedtime buddy site got hacked. That’s not problem. I just trashed the old one and this new one comprises a fresh start.

First, my apologies to those seeking content to help them with getting their children to sleep. You can find information by Googling “childhood insomnia.” I’ll forward info to you if you send me E-mail. Mailto:

More information will be forthcoming on tools and suggestions to assist parents in cultivating health sleep habits — both for themselves and for their children.

Feel free to find more about me on my personal computer and personal website by visiting It’s hack free (at the moment) but I’ll NOT hesitate to blow it away, too, if the vipers hack it. Here’s the reason why I’m taking this approach … and individual’s life does NOT persist.  Neither should a website!  Feel free to contact me, at your convenience.



Hello world!

Edited (after a good night’s sleep).

Welcome to the new website for Charlie Channel — Bedtime Buddy.  If you read the posts, you’ll discover that my old site got hacked.  Onward and upward, as the saying goes.

My personal note to the hackers will not be posted publicly.  However, I have a toast and I’d gladly share it.  Send me a letter with a return address.  For the record:  I’m a public person (anyone and everyone on the planet knows or can find me, i.e., who I am, where I live and what my contact numbers are).  Come and get it!

Let’s begin by explaining why the Charlie Channel – Bedtime Buddy was published.

Technology is useful, but there’s a downside:

We all are affected by over stimulation of the mind resulting from the use of “tools” that have been innovated to facilitate communication and information exchange. 

In researching the matter, it appears that we all have learned or adopted bad sleep habits, exacerbated  by skepticism about value and need for sleep.

Many parents experience the issue of sleep deprivation at bedtime. Some children have difficulty in disengaging from the wake-world of adults.  Parents are disturbed and stressed on a continual basis trying to get the little ones to sleep.

When I first published on the subject, and released Charlie Channel — Bedtime Buddy, I often received inquiries fro ADULTS who were at their wits end, attempting to find a solution to sleep dysfunction of their life partner or themselves.

As a cultural phenomena, many sleep problems are simply related to over-stimulation of the sense of hearing and seeing by powered electronic devices, of one kind or another. The device can be as simple as a light bulb, or as annoying as the sound of cars.

Compounding problem, societal values often affect a person’s mental attitude and understanding of the importance of disengagement from the realities of the day. Unfortunately, some who do understand the need for disengagement have used it to their advantage and profit by exploiting the need for disengagement.

What do I mean by that?  Disengagement is a part of our cultural experience.    Commercial entertainment is presented that enables disengagement, and we (you and I) often sacrifice true mental idling, meaning “sleep” through entertainment:  We watch TV late into the evening house, or — lately — play with computing communications devices way past when the ought to be turned off.

Charlie Channel – Bedtime Buddy was written and produced as entertainment to facilitation disengagement and to teach good sleep and relaxation habits.  How?  Simple:  Eliminate or minimize visual stimulation and present audio stimulation that suggest positive mental images, suggestions and words through the “mind’s eye” to encourages sleep. 

Welcome to your resource to help your children get to sleep and learn good sleep habits.