Awaken to Dream – Do Not Hurt Yourself

The little things that
Make my heart sing
Love found in dreams
Clear as moonbeams
Lost things found
Under the frown
Inside clouds
Find you
Your Birth

Conception opens Time awake Space.  Space is a place for Feeling that sparks and ignites Light in Mind. Light illuminates secrets of existence. The Mind moves Body.  Body modulates Time. Feeling move Time. Time propagates Immortally.

Feelings display behavior. Awareness views perspective leading to experienced context.

There is a love state of feelings. It exists (mentally speaking). It’s one state of Mind.

Iteration: In each person, or even in animals, or living entity there are feelings that are displayed by behavior. Anger. Hatred. Prejudice. Violence. Mad. Sad. Hurting others who had no idea why they are hurt.  Having no idea why or what. Not interested.  Hunger, Thrust, Consumption. Seeing. Sharing.Saving,  Giving. Helping. Hoping. Being. Living. Loving.

Immortality? Everything living feels.  If feeling make us move, where do feelings go in our absence? In anything moving there must be a cause, or a feeling. Can anything or does anyone stop anything from truly moving?

Explanation: movement = feelings.  Nothing can truly stop?  Yes, it is impossible to stop anything. The body stops, individually true. But, collectively behavior (movement) does not.  Feeling ? If you start a feeling that causes others to feel, they do the same and the ripple continues to flow outwards to more and more. Feelings do not die, they move on in the living. And, as hard as we look, no matter how high or high low, there is always movement. Reproduction or replication. And somehow, movement = existence — whether or not i am here. Thus, Death solves nothing. There appears, always, LIFE in one form or another.

One: Universe. Perhaps there is but one feeling with whom we are one. Each facet (face) may exist in us, infinitely. Feeling. That is the light never extinguished, as it always presents movement and replication.

You: We are a part of it. And, sometimes when things appear cloudy and there’s no way out, remember:  there is ALWAYS another way out that provides a way for life to continue, propagate and bloom or flourish, without pain.

Hint:  the seeds are already there!

Love: Life is the story of feelings. Feel good. Be good. See good. Do good. Be true. Be you.

Light: Dream and feel success, achievement and excellence.

It’s fun to be a bright light that burns through night in everyone’s sight. Dream the feeling, then let it be. Let it come true. Be truly free. There, feel immortality inside of you.