My Site Got Hacked

My bedtime buddy site got hacked. That’s not problem. I just trashed the old one and this new one comprises a fresh start.

First, my apologies to those seeking content to help them with getting their children to sleep. You can find information by Googling “childhood insomnia.” I’ll forward info to you if you send me E-mail. Mailto:

More information will be forthcoming on tools and suggestions to assist parents in cultivating health sleep habits — both for themselves and for their children.

Feel free to find more about me on my personal computer and personal website by visiting It’s hack free (at the moment) but I’ll NOT hesitate to blow it away, too, if the vipers hack it. Here’s the reason why I’m taking this approach … and individual’s life does NOT persist. ¬†Neither should a website! ¬†Feel free to contact me, at your convenience.