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Sleep Resources:

National Sleep Foundation

The National Sleep Foundation is dedicated to improving public health and safety by achieving understanding of sleep and sleep disorders, and by supporting education, sleep-related research, and advocacy.

Several years ago, Emmett Miller produced, narrated and published “Health and Healing,” a work that stills stands as effective and strengthening.  He continues to inspire. Home of Sandman Records featuring music to help children sleep. Halo Innovations. Products to help children sleep.
Insomnia Information

Stanford University link – definition of childhood insomnia A place to evaluate you sleep patterns and get a personalized sleep action plan. Website of “sleep expert” Dr. Michael J. Breus, with information on sleep disorders.
 Staying Active:
An Exercise Guide for Kids
The more exercise kids get, the better chance they’ll go the sleep (in my experience). Don’t overlook that fact. Good info to maximize such opportunity. Association For the Study of Dreams
www.NightmareSpray.Com Offers night-time aromatherapy, scented snuggly blankets and soothing pillows as tools to help children learn important self-relaxation habits, gain control, and alleviate normal nighttime anxieties.


Parenting Resources

Kids Music Planet  
Wee Bee Children’s Music  
Family Matters!  
National Fatherhood Initiative  
National Association for the
Education of Young Children


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Linda Oatman High  
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 Some of the delightful music heard on CC-BB comes from two very talented, visionary musicians:

Aryeh Frankfurther Aryeh is an outstanding harpist whose music enchants, relaxes and entertains. We love listening to his work.
Victor Wooten Victor is one of the brightest stars of the electric bass.  His music delights and inspires us to realize our potential.


Awakening Earth – Home

Story Telling

National Story Telling Network  
Story Telling Association of Alta California